Visiting Heredom

To some, these following requirements are not uncommon, yet to others, they may seem unnecessary. However, we ask you to respect how we expect everyone to conduct themselves at Heredom Lodge.We intend to impress upon all our visitors a sense of nurture, excellence and, most importantly, our impression of fraternity.


Heredom Lodge builds on the work of the many dedicated Masons who have contributed to the Traditional Observance vision of Freemasonry as a path conducive to awe, harmony, and the transformative role of the Craft.

We believe in a strong focus on the Craft’s philosophies and on the roles and quality of the initiatic experience. We aspire to provide our members and guests with an elevated experience of awe, education, dress, engagement, proficiency, and dining.

We hope to admit and advance men who will rise to the occasion of perpetuating this vision and who will become the dedicated Masons of tomorrow.


the place from wHence we came, to call thEm on again in due season. to find again that which was lost. to be REinvesteD Of what we were divested. wither are we travelling Men; who are the knights of the north?


Before visiting our regular meetings, we ask that you read all the regulations carefully, and if you have any questions regarding any aspect of these rules, please feel free to email us. We will be more than happy to clarify any concerns.

Registration (RSVP)

Only Brethren who have registered to attend Heredom Lodge through this site or by contacting us at will be permited to attend the meeting.

Dress Code

The dress code is Black Tie (Tuxedo); if you do not own a Tuxedo, a black suit (or dark suit), white shirt and black tie will be acceptable. Grand Lodge officers will adhere to the Dress of their office. Officers and Past Masters of the Lodge will conform to the Officer’s dress code.

Early Arrival

We ask that all Visiting brethren arrive thirty to forty-fiveminutes early so that you have ample time to check-in and get ready. If this is your first time visiting our Lodge, you will have to present proof of good standing and may be subjected to a Board of Trial.


In the Lodge room, no cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted, and we ask that during the festive board that you refrain from using them while at the table. You may leave your phone with the Tyler if you choose; otherwise, we ask that you leave it in your regalia case. In either case these devices should be turned off or left on silent.If you are an active Emergency response officer, notify the Director of Ceremonies upon your arrival so that you may be accommodated accordingly.

Access to the Lodge room before the meeting is not permitted, all visitors will be gathered after everyone has been checked in and led upstairs to receive the Tyler’s instructions before entering the Lodge room.

We ask that you respect the necessity for silence in the Lodge Room and refrain from any conversation no matter how tempting it may be. Prompting is prohibited.

On the Level

Do not be alarmed if you are addressed as Brother while in the Lodge room. This is not intended as a sign of disrespect; everyone is treated as Brother except addressing the Worshipful Master and any current Grand Lodge officers.

Announcements in Lodge

When closing the Lodge, the Master will not entertain any requests to address the Lodgewith messages or announcements. An opportunity to speak will be given at the Festive Board, where we will gladly give you our attention.

Visiting from Outside our Jurisdiction

If you are visiting from outside the Jurisdiction, please notify us during the online registration, or at if you have already registered. We will check to see that your Grand Lodge is in amity with the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. You will still be subjected to show proof of membership in good standing and a Board of Trial.

Late Arrivals

Once the Lodge is opened, the building will be tyled, meaning that access into the building will be locked. Should your arrival be delayed, use the ringer at the front door, and the Tyler will buzz you in. Unfortunately, you will not be able to enter the Lodge room at this point, but we will be more than happy to have you join us for the festive board.

Festive Board

Our festive boards are considered just as important as our meetings. Any brother visiting Heredom Lodge is expected to stay for the Festive Board.

The -dress code remains in effect at the Festive board.

Make sure that any dietary restrictions are made upon registration so that we may accommodate you. You can always contact us at if you did not. All our caterers are selected based on the quality and flexibility of their menu.